Monday, 19 September 2011

Annina Vogel

The reason I love Liberty of London, the department store of  department stores, is because they really are at the cutting edge of beautiful designs, quirky works and tradition prints. I rarely go in, because everytime I come close to bankrupting myself on a totally beautiful, but unecessary item. Anyway, I recently found myself wondering blindly around the jewellery department knocking into glass cabinets and checking enormous price tags in a giddy haze. In this partcially blinded state I run into the work of Anina Vogel.

It's vintage, it's reworked and I love it. I know the charm thing has hit the jewellery world hard, but I think salvaging old charms and reworking them is something that appeals to me greatly. Who saved up to buy the charm new? Who wore it before? how did it get to be where it is? I love things that make me ask these questions.

I have a pile of charms myself so watch this space.

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