Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ex Purgamento

I found an image that drew me to it quite recently.  This often happens to me and I used to  walk right by and store them somewhere in my mind to dream about it later or  just let it slip away until the next time. The good thing about having a blog is that you can pick, wrap up and document these images for yourself and maybe some others so you can visit them again and again. 

The picture in question was this one. 

It's actually an image used on an  invitation to Natalia Zagorska-Thomas' exhibition in Hay on Wye. It was painfully out of date so I couldn't see the exhibition itself - Booo, but it did get me onto looking at some more of her work.

Natalia is a Polish artist who has  encompassed the upcycling trend on a different level. Items that have outlived their usefulness take new life when taken with amazing skill and a knowledge of historic textiles to create these erie images. The peg teeth of a weird underwater creature emerging from a traditional lined jewellery box just works for me. I can't get enough of it. What is that creature? Where did she get those teeth? What used to be in the box? Who owned it? What lives in the black void mouth? There are alot of questions and I don't have the answers. Natalias work brings real life mock ups of worlds I never thought I would see in concrete.

I get that  C.S Lewis- Magicians Nephew feeling that I get when Digory and Polly drop into Uncle Andrews loft for the first time. The suspence and strangesness of it makes you want to squeeze the tips of your fingers together, like "what on earth is going to happen here?". 

A flying shoe is so Enid Blyton!

A fruit bowl acting as a home for tiny travellers. It's James and the giant Peach or Gullivers travels?

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