Friday, 3 June 2011

Eerie Indiana

Did anyone watch Eerie Indiana. Was it just me? 6 o’clock after neighbours lapping up the delights of Marshall Teller and stories of heart transplants gone wrong, Cash machines taken over by evil spirits and having a retainer that can read dog’s minds? Now you come to think about it a lot of this does sound does sounds alarmingly similar to channel 5’s most recent documentary schedule!

So anyway this got me to wondering to the concept of the freak show. Something we deem to be old fashioned, inhumane or Dickensian? A travelling circus of bearded ladies, tiny people, Siamese twins? How awful. Not in this day and age!

Well frankly I’m not so sure. In recent years I have seen a boy with no skin, a man with two heads, a woman turn into a ‘mermaid’ and doggy dancing. All from the comfort of my very own sofa. (They were all on the TV I might add, I didn’t invite them round for dinner or anything) Anyway, there is clearly something in us that cleaves to the unusual, the people and situations that make you realise that having to straighten your hair every day is just not a disability and you really are rather lucky.

And if you like freak shows, you better check this lot out. The Victorians really knew how to do it properly!


 It brilliantly says at the bottom of this poster,

"This is really the most marvellous Freak of Nature Living that has ever been made a Public Exhibition of
in this or any other country and is a novelty that every father a mother ought to see" Wow!

"The Exhibitors of this indescribably person or animal do not pretend to assert what it is, they have named it the wild man of the prairies or "What is it" because this is the unversal exclamation of all those who have seen it." I say it looks slightly like me after a bad nights sleep. "It drinks milk, water and tea and is partial to wine...." also sounding like we might have a lot in common here. "It is neat is its habits, fond of ornaments...." im feeling a connection here!

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