Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fancy something from the shop?

I have a question that I believe we should all consider at least once in our lives. So to set the scene.....  It's a summers day, you have lemonade, you have glacee cherries,  you have artic roll and and a nicely chopped iceberg lettuce. Auntie Barbara comes over to you, squeezes your cheeks, presses a coin into your eager hands and sends you running off to the shop with glee.  Here is the question! What sweet treat would you come back with?

Until relatively recently I would have said Caramac, but I was a distinct lack in Caramac dealers in my area I had to move unwillingly forward into the world of the Milkybar. I didnt find it easy, but had to accept that times change and the Caramac just wasn't for everyone!

After the pain subsided I became more experimental. First it was a foray into the world of the Rolo, but I found the chocolate tasted weird, this was followed by a recent purchase of a Twirl which tasted excellent. So I walk into the shop with shiney coin in hand ready to put Twirl number 2 through its paces and what do I spy? Sitting on the shelf, gleaming, was a box of 6 Tunnocks Teacakes.

A further question. How do you create ever-popular jewellery products?? ey ey?

Not only are they beautiful, they are survivors and they are bloody tasty! I snapped up the box I saw in the shop and spend the afternoon at home with a cup of tea carefully cracking the chocolate off the top to try and leave the soft marshmallow underneath entirely unscarred. With the precision of a surgeon I performed Tunnocks Teacake brain surgery and then ruined it by wildly biting into the marshmallow and biscuit underneath.

Apparently the ladies and gents at Tunnocks HQ in Uddington make 350 teacakes a minute! Where do they all go?? For this reason and the fact their packaging is beautiful and I want them to be around forever, my answer to the moral dilemma of what sweet treat to  Tunnocks Teacakes please!!

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  1. I used to love caramac, i can still get it round my way but find it too sweet nowadays. I love all Tunnocks goodies though especially their wafers. Thanks for taking me back in time, Yum