Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The weekend was 5 days ago...

                ........and I apologise for the lengthy delay on getting this post up.

Last Saturday I attended a printing workshop in Fulham hosted by the lovely Zeena Shah of Heartzeena. A snip at £18 I got to spend the afternoon linocutting with a gang of enthusiatic ladies. I have to admit that I have owned linocutting tools for over a year now and had managed nothing but a huge mess and cuts all over my body. Being given the chance to sit down, focus and learn techniques was brilliant.

I now know my fiddly and scribbly pencil drawings are not best suited to linocuts. The best results to be had were by using simple and bold designs.  It took me about three hours to shape a very small seagull so I have a new found repect for those who produce large scale linocuts.

The grapevine says that Zeena is planning a screen printing workshop sometime soon....I plan to be there.

travel here for more information on Zeena

This is the top of my head (right) along with Sinead who is the organiser of the crafty fox pop up market

The seagull results

lovely work in progress

Nice bold prints were definately successful!

Hey also - Note my lovely corners. Everyday's a school day ey?

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