Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Print practice and hanging out at Vauxhall roundabout

I have been practicing a little and have come up with a few little printing scraps that might take your fancy. I am absolutely loving the concept of linocutting at the moment!

My current plan is to ditch going to Vauxhall cafes at lunchtime to eat way too many posh cheese sandwiches and instead spend an hour a day thinking and drawing up some useful designs.The test now is to say no when people hand me that old "Do you want to go out for lunch" line.

Just to get things straight I work in Vauxhall, I don't just hand out there eating sandwiches. In my dreams I would do that! Vauxhall is actually quite a little treasure trove on secret spots, which I could not possibly divulge. 

Anyway this all sounds wrong so here are the prints so far. 

Foxish Fox

Tom complemented my running fox print....I said it's a bloody squirrel!


Almost strawberry time 


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  1. They are very cute, but my favourite is that fox!