Wednesday, 30 March 2011

New blog and my big old face!

As you can see I have been doing some serious tinkering with the old blog in the past few days and have even managed to make some blog buttons. Granted none of them work, but I'm working on that.......I really am!

After weeks of whinging about having no idea how to make blog buttons or add my picture to the blog I simply sat down and Googled the words "How to make Blog buttons" and GUESS WHAT happened? I made one.Stupidly simple!

And so in the spirit of fun things and blogging here are some pictures of Judy's affordable art fair in York Hall, Bethnal Green. 




  1. lovely old magazines I can see there. I also like your new blog look and that red fox dashing around.

  2. I love this Freya, it looks MAGIC! x