Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday Theme Time - Seagulls

So I have decided that Friday is the day to pop my hand into the proverbial upturned hat of my life and pick out a theme. Today we have SEAGULLS. Why Seagulls? Do I live near the sea? No.

The reason be this..... I was standing next to the 118 bus stop this morning as a seagull flew down and landed on the bus stop. Despite the mysery of it being 8am in the morning in Streatham Common, I still thought to myself for something so pecky they do look pretty cool.

This morning I find they are quite the inspiration for some very talented people.

A new discovery....I love t'internet. Check out Stray jewellery

Efrat Jewelery from Galilee. Perfect
For the love of the seagull
Another new find. I am loving this Friday theme!

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  1. Oh I love the earrings! Really happy to have found your blog - you have some gorgeous things on here!x