Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday Theme Time - Circus

 So the circus has come to town! In reality it is a bunch of people dressed up as clowns, but in my mind I still imagine it is a train of rusty animal cages filled with bears, lions, dancing ponies, musical sea lions, beautiful trapese artists, roaring tigers and perhaps a bearded lady for good measure. I have picked up a few different takes on the theme here, but I would have them all in my home or on my person.

Circus time!!!

Just Google Adams Brother International Circus and this is your result. I can find no evidence of a polar bear being in a circus anywhere. Can you? 
I love this necklace from the Polkadot Magpie!

I love Lisa's work. I only just came across her on Twitter and was attracted to her brilliant profile illustration. @lisamanuels

A strange but very attractive image. I can't quite work it out but I do love it.

Carrie Snopek makes very interesting and great stuff. Check it out.

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