Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Brain Drain

From 9 to 5 I work hard, pay attention, make decisions, speak to people on the phone. You know all the stuff that we all do everyday whilst secretly thinking "Where the hell am I and what are these people talking about"?
I guess this is all very standard stuff. Would you say?

The real problem arises by the time I get home.  My brain is saturated, not satisfied and I am good for nothing.

I can barely read a newpaper article without wondering off into the realms of thinking about wine, something I've forgotten at work, what my friends are doing, how far is it until the weekend, if it is ok to go to bed at 8.30pm on a Wednesday. By the time I look up I have got to the end of the article and have no idea what was written. My attention span is shot! It had been removed from me, beaten, force fed articles it cannot digest and made to dance uncontrollably across a minefield of social etiquette and work ethics. It is then given 4 hours in the evening to recover before the next round.

So what do I do? Turn the TV on. A bringer of information, a window into other worlds, an educator, a peddlar of guff and stuff a nonsense that slowly sets in like a mental straightjacket. By the time it’s finished with me I am malleable and go to bed dreaming of buying my very own Audi, feeding my non existent child Petit Filou whilst dancing through the streets of Paris with my Chanel perfume on.

Who’s with me on this and how do you combat it?

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