Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday Theme Time - Circus

 So the circus has come to town! In reality it is a bunch of people dressed up as clowns, but in my mind I still imagine it is a train of rusty animal cages filled with bears, lions, dancing ponies, musical sea lions, beautiful trapese artists, roaring tigers and perhaps a bearded lady for good measure. I have picked up a few different takes on the theme here, but I would have them all in my home or on my person.

Circus time!!!

Just Google Adams Brother International Circus and this is your result. I can find no evidence of a polar bear being in a circus anywhere. Can you? 
I love this necklace from the Polkadot Magpie!

I love Lisa's work. I only just came across her on Twitter and was attracted to her brilliant profile illustration. @lisamanuels

A strange but very attractive image. I can't quite work it out but I do love it.

Carrie Snopek makes very interesting and great stuff. Check it out.

Monday, 21 February 2011


I'm no illustrator, but I thought I would have a go at drawing a few bits and bobs. Messing about with photoshop was quite fun too. It's only early stages of working out how to use it so here are my results.

Being an owl lover I worked on the first one for a while and after watching the BBC's Madagascar got involved in whipping up a quick Aye aye.  Lovely!

Owls it going?
Aye Aye Captain

Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday Theme Time - Seagulls

So I have decided that Friday is the day to pop my hand into the proverbial upturned hat of my life and pick out a theme. Today we have SEAGULLS. Why Seagulls? Do I live near the sea? No.

The reason be this..... I was standing next to the 118 bus stop this morning as a seagull flew down and landed on the bus stop. Despite the mysery of it being 8am in the morning in Streatham Common, I still thought to myself for something so pecky they do look pretty cool.

This morning I find they are quite the inspiration for some very talented people.

A new discovery....I love t'internet. Check out Stray jewellery

Efrat Jewelery from Galilee. Perfect
For the love of the seagull
Another new find. I am loving this Friday theme!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I love this

Ok I realise this blog has gone slightly off tangent recently. I won't go into it right now apart from to carry on with said tangent and say......

I love this print I found on by

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Book I have found and bought recently...

Everytime I pop into a second hand book shop I tend to veer wildly towards the childrens section. I'm not sure why, but I just love the illustrations and simplicuity of them. I read lots of grown up books too, but I find the pictures just aren't as good. Here are a few little gems that I keep on my shelves at home.

There are literally no details with this book. Just by Victoria! It's simply a story of Timothy Turnip innit.

From Tove Janson the creator of the Moomins.This is a new book. I would recommend picking up a copy to check out th incredible illustrations.
I can't find who did the cover illustration for this one, but I love the bold style and colours. It is clearly not a childrens book, and I have recently discovered it may be of some value.
Also check out Alice Potter's brilliant polar bear illustration at
I love this book! What a find. Its nothing special, but the illustration by David Gentleman really make it

The Luck of the Bean Rows has some lovely lovely illustrations by Claud Lovat Praser

hmmm. The harlequin front cover is so much fun. You'll also have to excuse my terrible warbrobe reflected in the mirror.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Brain Drain

From 9 to 5 I work hard, pay attention, make decisions, speak to people on the phone. You know all the stuff that we all do everyday whilst secretly thinking "Where the hell am I and what are these people talking about"?
I guess this is all very standard stuff. Would you say?

The real problem arises by the time I get home.  My brain is saturated, not satisfied and I am good for nothing.

I can barely read a newpaper article without wondering off into the realms of thinking about wine, something I've forgotten at work, what my friends are doing, how far is it until the weekend, if it is ok to go to bed at 8.30pm on a Wednesday. By the time I look up I have got to the end of the article and have no idea what was written. My attention span is shot! It had been removed from me, beaten, force fed articles it cannot digest and made to dance uncontrollably across a minefield of social etiquette and work ethics. It is then given 4 hours in the evening to recover before the next round.

So what do I do? Turn the TV on. A bringer of information, a window into other worlds, an educator, a peddlar of guff and stuff a nonsense that slowly sets in like a mental straightjacket. By the time it’s finished with me I am malleable and go to bed dreaming of buying my very own Audi, feeding my non existent child Petit Filou whilst dancing through the streets of Paris with my Chanel perfume on.

Who’s with me on this and how do you combat it?

Friday, 4 February 2011

I completely forgot......

I went to Scotland and ran into Photoshop for the first time. It was painful, there was blood, broken bones and tears but I think I'm over it now and things have changed. 

It was a while ago, but not that long ago, I used to believe that if you didn't develop your own photos in a grotty darkroom after spending hours alone with only fixative and a red light buld for company you were a phoney photographer. This was one of the reasons I was never brilliant myself. My SLR camera was invariably on the wrong setting and most of my photos were developed badly. After the millionth time of being laughed out of social events, shops and various other areas I had to go digital. Digital..... Digital. I feel more comfortable every time I say it. Digital. 

Weirdly enough this was also the reason I stopped being a vegetarian. Peer pressure is a bad thing! OR maybe good?

Anyway, Photoshop was a step too far. Photoshop was my deep sea free diving with using a digital camera was perhaps just a 5 metre scuba dive. I was still trying to get back to the surface where things where more familiar to me. Where I could touch the bottom even. Sea Metaphors aside, the whole point here is I stripped off the air tank and swam straight to the bottom. Here are my over enthusiastic and over the top results.

I like them. 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

West Norwood Spacemakers

This week led me to the meeting of the West Norwood Spacemakers. Who are the Spacemakers and where is West Norwood? Is that what you were going to say? West Norwood is in South London, no too far from the house of Little Paper Box and Spacemakers are a group of people who seem to generate things froom nothing. Is that clear? No? Are you serious?

Ok, this is what they say about themselves.....Space Makers Agency is about rethinking the spaces in which we spend our time. They  work with all kinds of people and organisations to create sociable spaces and sustainable local economies. I think I should invite them to my house perhaps.

Besides my living room plans they are trying to set up a market on West Norwood highstreet. The plan is  to work with local people, organisations and businesses to start a monthly market event - The West Norwood Feast.

The meeting was full of a great bunch of likeminded people who want to do something pretty cool. There's going to be food, craft, retro, stuff and entertainment. I feel you should check out the link below to see what I mean.

So far I would use two words........Eary Stages. The next three might be.....bring it on.