Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year Planning

It's been a while since the last post. For this I apologise. After two weeks in Devon with my family and then off to Scotland for another week, I was so relaxed I couldn't actually move. Just to get us all in the mood I wanted to share one of my most simple but favourite Christmas presents of last year. After stumbling on this lovely diary late this summer I was suprised to find in wrapped up for me on Christmas day. I am hoping the beautiful Inuit prints may encourage a new level of organisation for me. Here's hoping.

For a bit more info on the Cape Dorset printers have a look at:

Obviously the majority of the images produced are focused on wildlife, fishing and hunting and, despite never having seen it, these images really sum up the feeling I have about the far North. I know things change and cultures move all the time but to me these inuit printers create a powerful feeling for their culture, spirituality and landscape around them. I would love to see it first hand.
Also, If anyone saw Bruce Parry recently with the Inuit people in the Arctic,  I think the thought of this  gives me secondary happiness....

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