Sunday, 12 December 2010

Another successful day!

A third trip to Greenwich market started slowly, but after a mad lunchtime rush I was seriously concerned that I might run out of stock! Now having cut my teeth on the Greenwich market I am feeling the passion for jewellery design and selling big time. What a feeling to create something that someone will be given for Christmas or wear about the place. 

I've been there for three weeks now, and it looks like it has come to an end.  The place we were selling was only hosting stalls for The Christmas period so if anyone knows somewhere similar I can set up pitch let me know. 

Also, The Little Paper Box boyfriend, Tom, branched out into selling vintage teacards on the stall. We have some on our wall and I LOVE them so we thought we would see if other folk were as crazy as we. It seems they are.Everyone we sold too went dreamy eyed over the cards, remembering the good old days....hmmm

The Cambodian Guar. Now extinct in the wild.

Hawfinch. Last seen East coast in Irgerland

Asian animals

Both sold!
Wrong address - whoops

Lemon jasper, faceted coral on gold fill chain

Flourite on sterling silver

Yes, everyone tried to buy the books...argh

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