Sunday, 28 November 2010

First sale!!!!

Yesterday my Mum went to Greenwich Market to sell her chutney and cordial and she invited me along to sell some jewellery. It was absolutely freezing, but really exciting to get out and get some bits on show.
We sold £100 worth of chutney, but the BIG NEWS is I made my first sale! Ok so It was just one £10 necklace, but I love the idea of someone wearing and hopefully appreciating something that I have made. Its far too exciting....

Here are a few pics for you all. 

Thomas Lord manning the stall

hot chocolate to warm us up

Friday, 26 November 2010

So I went to see the lampshade and got confused by Christmas decorations, Lights, furniture and moisturizers. Why does this happen to me everytime? It really is the story of my life! I just cannot choose which amazingly exciting thing to choose in life and end up wondering off with nothing, or a very small token of something. Surely other people have this problem?

So for Christmas we trawled through the deepest darkest pages of Etsy looking for art for our walls.

Here are those that made it onto the Christmas list. Anyone??

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wild Pigs Lampshade

My house has has the same terrible light fitting swinging about over my head for the last 5 months.GUESS WHAT is about to happen???? It's coming down, its life is over. Straight to the bin with you I will say!

The plan is to replace the monstrocity with a new and lovely Liberty lampshade.
I just couldn't help creeping into their website in the dead of night and lusting over new lampshades and side tables. Liberty Tables I cannot afford, lampshades I can just about stretch to!

Wild Pigs Lampshade

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Autumn Exposure

So I managed to wheel the camera out today and do some experimenting. I had no idea how much fun this would be. After some fiddling and going off road into the realms of the manual setting on my camera I managed to get some abstract photos that I love. There were some precarious moments balancing over muddy puddles trying to get the right section in tree in the frame but I think the dog walkers and families in the park appreciated it.

Most of these shots were obtained by letting loads of light into the camera whilst trying to stay as still as possible.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Two weeks in Borneo

After 18 hours flying and sleeping on the floor of various airports we arrived back at Streatham Common from Borneo. After one days sleeping, the second day was spent in Crystal Palace junk shops and markets. Joy! Why have I never been before? 

We started at the Secret Garden Centre behind Sainsburys: 

We bought some crocus' to plant in the lawn. Really looking forward to seeing them poking through in spring. Heaven! It feels like it will be a long time before that happens, but will be worth the wait.

We then moved on to have a peek, rummage/ramble through some local junk shops. The signs on the door say " antique" but I think "junk" was definately more fitting. Saying that I am a massive fan of junk so that was no problem. 

The final and most exciting find of the day was:
A brilliant little find if you are a fan of places where every surface is covered in treasure and trinkets. You seriously have to get down there. It's a treasure trove of bits and bobs for upcycling, fixing and remaking. I held off any spending sadly as twp weeks in Borneo was pretty hard on the old wallet.