Thursday, 2 September 2010

WALES - a mine of creative inspiration.

So we went to visit my Mum's little cottage in North Wales this weekend. It's a tiny little mouse house just on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. Serviced by zero shops, pubs and the post office closed 6 years ago. The locals tell me the post office shutting down was a great loss to the village. The very same local  taught me how to crochet and filled me in on the past five years of village gossip. You wouldn't believe the amazing things that could happen in a tiny hamlet in Wales!

Now, I haven't been to Wales for around five years and I was amazed at how lovely it is. I know Wales has always been lovely in appearance, but there now seems to be a real boom in economy, services, artists, shops, activities. It's no heaving metropolis, which is good, it's just right.

It was a real treat to have a go at canoeing on Lake Bala, visit the old slate mines, potter about in the mountain rivers and best of all rummage through lovely little shops and boutiques full of treasure and shiny things.

One particular corker that I came across was the deco shop owned by a lovely Swedish lady. Alas no website or online guff for us to peruse at the moment, but she did say she was working on it. I was quite attracted to the amazing displays of colourful fabric.  I can't sew so I just look at it and have to leave it at that!

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