Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lino Printing

I have been lustfully watching the website of Welsh artist Ian Philips. You know when you see something pretty and you say, "HOW do they do this?" well that's what happens to me every time I look at his prints.

He uses Welsh landscapes/seascapes etc. to create wonderful bold images with the like to japanese block printing.

From my extensive research I have found that to get involved in the pursuit of cutting lino to make pretty pictures you need to start with a piece of lino and a cutting tool. You then cut away the image you wish to produce in layers and in reverse. Always printing the lighter colour first and building up to your darker colours. Confused? Well yes, that's because I haven't explained it very well, but also because it is bloody difficult!

About a year ago I bought all the tools needed and could not work it out in any way at all. I managed to hurt myself more than once and print something that you might find used in a psychologists office.

Ian Philips does actually run a course in Powys Wales, which I am really temped to trot along too. Once again I need to find the time and money and it's a very long trot.....

check out

Brecon Pen Milan

Aber Forge in Welsh Wales



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