Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Art of Presentation

So it’s plain obvious that presentation is import. This I know!

Saying that it is not a rule I always stick to and I have been known not to brush my hair for days at a time. (Reason number one for me not to have an office based job).

So the point of this post for me is the realisation that you can revamp pretty much anything or make it more desirable if you change the context and presentation of your item. Another obvious statement to some but not to me!

I have been bumbling around websites, shops and the like to try and tap into this magical skill, but it that’s exactly what it is. A skill! It comes with reading, learning, watching what others do and slowly formulating my own style and focus. This it appears is not a quick process for me.

I feel like a child stuck in a sweet shop, wondering around looking at flying saucers, cola bottles, multicoloured gob stoppers, liquorish laces, pear drops and bags of white mice. At some point you have to choose what you want, but what if it’s the wrong thing. So the plan will be to wrench my glue covered feet, grab something I like and run with it!

On my travels I came across a wonderful example of simple things being encouraged to show their true beauty by some brilliant photos and style. It would be so easy to walk past these objects and not see then. Sometimes you need someone to point things out to you and Polkadot HOME do it so well.

looks like a nice house!


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