Thursday, 30 September 2010

ooo lovely

Just flying through the million pages of Etsy and stuff 'n' guff and chose to click the "view most expensive" button. What a risky strategy I hear you say. I say it had to be done. Weirdly it displayed a load of items priced at £64,000. None of them looked worth that amount of money.

Annoyed I thought I would resort to my favourite topic of jewellery and clicked the "jewelry" button (weird american spelling) and instantly saw something magical.

A blue diamond and gold ring. Simple maybe even basic, but  really quite attractive. I feel a bit twitchy!

It was created by these people:
I am pleased to encourage you to check them out.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Productive squirrel time

As I squirrel away this morning contacting the nice folk  of the United Kingdom trying to convince them to hand over wads of cash to charity I took a quick pit stop at:

This is a place I have been before and enjoyed it.

Her latest post brought The Bucket Tree to my attention. An online vintage shop where I found some nice little bits of jewellery I wanted to tickle your fancy with. If you like them the good news is you can still buy them.....

Vintage resin broach

Milk glass vintage bracelet

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

do do doo, do do do do do do do do doooooo. la la la la la la la laaa...ginger beauty

In case any of you were wondering what I do when I'm not at work nobbling rich folk for money, writing blogs, tweeting and generally bothering people about the place  I thought I would post this one photo for you.

Taken with my new DIGITAL SLR I would love to introduce Cully the wonder horse. Generally she looks like a donkey, but I managed to whizz her up and get this shot of her doing her thing.

She takes all my spare time and money so keeping her in insane and stupid, but I wouldn't be me if I wasn't a bit on the thick side.

Coolcullen Colleen

Friday, 17 September 2010

House Jewellery

Is this a concept that works for you? What would fall into this category? Mirrors? Chandeliers?
Table Clothes and Curtains? That's up to you and up to your house.....whatever your house may decide.

One thing that I do believe to hit the "house jewellery" bullseye right in the milddle are door knobs. Yes knobs for doors.

The place to go for said door knobs is Chloe Alberrys shop on Portobello Road, London.
It is heaven for your doors and they sell knockers too!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Art of Presentation

So it’s plain obvious that presentation is import. This I know!

Saying that it is not a rule I always stick to and I have been known not to brush my hair for days at a time. (Reason number one for me not to have an office based job).

So the point of this post for me is the realisation that you can revamp pretty much anything or make it more desirable if you change the context and presentation of your item. Another obvious statement to some but not to me!

I have been bumbling around websites, shops and the like to try and tap into this magical skill, but it that’s exactly what it is. A skill! It comes with reading, learning, watching what others do and slowly formulating my own style and focus. This it appears is not a quick process for me.

I feel like a child stuck in a sweet shop, wondering around looking at flying saucers, cola bottles, multicoloured gob stoppers, liquorish laces, pear drops and bags of white mice. At some point you have to choose what you want, but what if it’s the wrong thing. So the plan will be to wrench my glue covered feet, grab something I like and run with it!

On my travels I came across a wonderful example of simple things being encouraged to show their true beauty by some brilliant photos and style. It would be so easy to walk past these objects and not see then. Sometimes you need someone to point things out to you and Polkadot HOME do it so well.

looks like a nice house!


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lino Printing

I have been lustfully watching the website of Welsh artist Ian Philips. You know when you see something pretty and you say, "HOW do they do this?" well that's what happens to me every time I look at his prints.

He uses Welsh landscapes/seascapes etc. to create wonderful bold images with the like to japanese block printing.

From my extensive research I have found that to get involved in the pursuit of cutting lino to make pretty pictures you need to start with a piece of lino and a cutting tool. You then cut away the image you wish to produce in layers and in reverse. Always printing the lighter colour first and building up to your darker colours. Confused? Well yes, that's because I haven't explained it very well, but also because it is bloody difficult!

About a year ago I bought all the tools needed and could not work it out in any way at all. I managed to hurt myself more than once and print something that you might find used in a psychologists office.

Ian Philips does actually run a course in Powys Wales, which I am really temped to trot along too. Once again I need to find the time and money and it's a very long trot.....

check out

Brecon Pen Milan

Aber Forge in Welsh Wales



Sunday, 5 September 2010

Some shiny bits

After a weekend of weddings, car clamps and lost cameras I have been working on developing some new shiny bits. Just a few photos here for you here.

Note the better quality of photo. A trip to PC world let us to purchase a new Cannon SLR. Wonderfully all my old film lenses work with it too. That I never expected!

A successful experiment

Here is the fruit of the experimental crochet loom. I'm thinking of making a mobile with these happy chaps. 

Thursday, 2 September 2010

WALES - a mine of creative inspiration.

So we went to visit my Mum's little cottage in North Wales this weekend. It's a tiny little mouse house just on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. Serviced by zero shops, pubs and the post office closed 6 years ago. The locals tell me the post office shutting down was a great loss to the village. The very same local  taught me how to crochet and filled me in on the past five years of village gossip. You wouldn't believe the amazing things that could happen in a tiny hamlet in Wales!

Now, I haven't been to Wales for around five years and I was amazed at how lovely it is. I know Wales has always been lovely in appearance, but there now seems to be a real boom in economy, services, artists, shops, activities. It's no heaving metropolis, which is good, it's just right.

It was a real treat to have a go at canoeing on Lake Bala, visit the old slate mines, potter about in the mountain rivers and best of all rummage through lovely little shops and boutiques full of treasure and shiny things.

One particular corker that I came across was the deco shop owned by a lovely Swedish lady. Alas no website or online guff for us to peruse at the moment, but she did say she was working on it. I was quite attracted to the amazing displays of colourful fabric.  I can't sew so I just look at it and have to leave it at that!