Friday, 27 August 2010

Just a moment

Now for a brief interlude, some of you lovely people have told me you have followed the blog and enjoyed it (Hooray!)There are benefits to writing a blog for myself as I can track what I like, what I've made over the months and hopefully come out the other side having some clearer creative thoughts. This is a massive challenge for me.

Now, here's where you guys come in.......if you can follow the blog on blogger, add a picture to your profile, comment on things you like on the blog and tell your friends, colleagues, boyfriends and whoever might be interested in the blog then I will know I have an audience and in no way will want to let you all down. You see??? So please take part and spread the word if you can.

big love!

I was so close to buying these books at the ICA yesterday.
(Saw an amazing documentary on Benazir Bhutto)



  1. another freya marshall? can i compliment you on the awesome name...

  2. Same to you! I didn't think there would be many of up around.....but I think there's a few.

  3. I stopped and looked at these at Salt Mills in Yorkshire when I was over in the UK last week. beautiful covers.
    I also bought who will comfort toffle there :)