Wednesday, 11 August 2010

French France Fromage

What a lovely place the country of France is. Tomatoes; amazing melons; hypermarkets with wholes sections dedicated to creme caramel that pops out of plastic tubs when you lift the little metal tab at the bottom, French rivers; French Surfing; French men wearing stripy tops; 15 French baguettes a day and plastic bottles of wine that taste good; French sandwiches full of French cheese and French sand (in the sandwiches).......

Mix these things up and hang around with them for a straight week and you will realise no normal person could get any work done at all!

Luckily I am not entirely normal and I did manage to whittle some bits together.

I stupidly only took one sandy photo of jewellery so here it is. There will be more. I have realised that things happen much slower than I thought when you have to  hold down a job, look after a horse, see your friends, decorate a new house and speak to your boyfriend from time to time. I am definately not complaining. I am loving it, but just have to take things a bit slower than I though. Would LOVE feedback or suggestions from all angles so just let me know.

pink pearls, brass and a little drop of heamatite (just incase)

same same, slightly different photo

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