Thursday, 19 August 2010


I know alot of you are crafty a foxes, and you might think I'm silly for mentioning it, but for my less crafty friends I had to say something about Etsy on here. Basically we are looking at a fashionable ebay for crafty, homemade type bits and blings.

I could seriously spend ALL day on Etsy looking a pretty things from days of yore (I think they call it vintage), jewellery, hatstands, lampshades made from teapots, hamster huts. Pretty much whatever you can think of that can be made by hand with pretty stuff.

The downside is that I have discovered a mountain of beautiful jewels and do wonder what on earth I am getting myself into going up against these stupidly talented people. The upside is that I have discovered lots of new suppliers and trinkets which I can use to make jewellery.

Feedback tells me that you folks are all into the blinging heights of gold and I need to go down the antique/silver route. Watch this space for quite a while while I find the time and money to create new bits.

I'm working on what I like and what I want to use, so I hope some clear "ranges" of jewellery will emerge soon.

check it out.........

check out inaluc for great prints
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or invest in some artwork at

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