Monday, 23 August 2010

Clara Francis

I came across Clara Francis maybe three years ago. I think it was at Spittalfields market, but anyone that knows me will be well aware of the fact I have an awful memory. Anyway, the point is she makes some very pretty and wonderous things that any person would want to drape over themselves in a sexy manner. Jokes aside, I'm a fan!

I have absolutely NO idea how she does it, but she's onto a winner with it. Weaving tiny tiny beads together to make spectacular and beautiful bits of jewellery. I'm jealous.

I have recently run aground on my own ideas, because I have a real desire to create something that little bit different.I have a few ideas on the go, but my head is about to explode with blue paint, commuting to work, cooking for myself, babysitting horses and rabbits and going to hen do's. 

I'm going to bust out the colouring pens and see if I come up with something. Go there!

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