Friday, 27 August 2010

Just a moment

Now for a brief interlude, some of you lovely people have told me you have followed the blog and enjoyed it (Hooray!)There are benefits to writing a blog for myself as I can track what I like, what I've made over the months and hopefully come out the other side having some clearer creative thoughts. This is a massive challenge for me.

Now, here's where you guys come in.......if you can follow the blog on blogger, add a picture to your profile, comment on things you like on the blog and tell your friends, colleagues, boyfriends and whoever might be interested in the blog then I will know I have an audience and in no way will want to let you all down. You see??? So please take part and spread the word if you can.

big love!

I was so close to buying these books at the ICA yesterday.
(Saw an amazing documentary on Benazir Bhutto)


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

sneek peek

So I have a concept and this is what they call a starting point.
I have been wiring circles of crystal together all evening to create a pretty little necklace.
Just a lovely and perfect evening don't you think? In many ways yes, though I did stab myself in the face with gold filled wire quite a few times. It hurts.

Making jewellery is dangerous. Make sure you get a licence before your embark on this journey.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Clara Francis

I came across Clara Francis maybe three years ago. I think it was at Spittalfields market, but anyone that knows me will be well aware of the fact I have an awful memory. Anyway, the point is she makes some very pretty and wonderous things that any person would want to drape over themselves in a sexy manner. Jokes aside, I'm a fan!

I have absolutely NO idea how she does it, but she's onto a winner with it. Weaving tiny tiny beads together to make spectacular and beautiful bits of jewellery. I'm jealous.

I have recently run aground on my own ideas, because I have a real desire to create something that little bit different.I have a few ideas on the go, but my head is about to explode with blue paint, commuting to work, cooking for myself, babysitting horses and rabbits and going to hen do's. 

I'm going to bust out the colouring pens and see if I come up with something. Go there!

Thursday, 19 August 2010


I know alot of you are crafty a foxes, and you might think I'm silly for mentioning it, but for my less crafty friends I had to say something about Etsy on here. Basically we are looking at a fashionable ebay for crafty, homemade type bits and blings.

I could seriously spend ALL day on Etsy looking a pretty things from days of yore (I think they call it vintage), jewellery, hatstands, lampshades made from teapots, hamster huts. Pretty much whatever you can think of that can be made by hand with pretty stuff.

The downside is that I have discovered a mountain of beautiful jewels and do wonder what on earth I am getting myself into going up against these stupidly talented people. The upside is that I have discovered lots of new suppliers and trinkets which I can use to make jewellery.

Feedback tells me that you folks are all into the blinging heights of gold and I need to go down the antique/silver route. Watch this space for quite a while while I find the time and money to create new bits.

I'm working on what I like and what I want to use, so I hope some clear "ranges" of jewellery will emerge soon.

check it out.........

check out inaluc for great prints
buy bread and cakes at sexy stiches
or invest in some artwork at

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Algerian love knot

Throughout my sickness I have started designs on my first commission! Tilly's Algerian love knot. Here is what we have as the first finished piece. It is not that easy to twist metal and beads together but these have come together quite well.

We have small jet beads wrapped around oval white pearls on a long brass chain. I tried to add a third colour, but decided to leave it simple.

So now all I need is feedback from Tilly. I have one backup plan in the wings......Tils?

The final good news is that I have been accepted for a stall at Portobello Road! I have alot of work to do before I get there, but watch this space. 


Bad news: I have the lurgy. 
Good news: I have managed to achieve one thing today whilst in lurgy town.

I have photographed some new bits and bobs for your viewing pleasure. The earrings, though simple, are a particular triumph for me as I have had huge issues getting hold of the cute scissor charms used to make them.

They will be winging their way to Katy Chaytor very soon. First commission....accomplished.

I know I'm slow!

Brass leaf charm, crystal and a glass drop.
Jasper, a pink pearl, green crystal and cute squirrel charm

Four garnett stones on brass with shell charms

scissor charms and crytals for Katy!

Friday, 13 August 2010

A good idea. from Winchester town centre

So this is quite a good idea...if I say so myself. We went to a load of vintage (code for second hand/oldstuff) bookshops in Winchester this weekend and bought this children's picture book.

Livre d'images d'animaux. It's a book from French France bough in Winchester the day after we got from French France. French Fact!

Anyway, the plan was to cut the pictures out and frame them, but I didn't have the heart to do that as the book was produce in 1914 as had survived for so long already. So cleverly, like the clever clever foxy things that we are we bent the book back on itself and framed one of the pictures.

so as I write this I see it's not that clever really.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

French France Fromage

What a lovely place the country of France is. Tomatoes; amazing melons; hypermarkets with wholes sections dedicated to creme caramel that pops out of plastic tubs when you lift the little metal tab at the bottom, French rivers; French Surfing; French men wearing stripy tops; 15 French baguettes a day and plastic bottles of wine that taste good; French sandwiches full of French cheese and French sand (in the sandwiches).......

Mix these things up and hang around with them for a straight week and you will realise no normal person could get any work done at all!

Luckily I am not entirely normal and I did manage to whittle some bits together.

I stupidly only took one sandy photo of jewellery so here it is. There will be more. I have realised that things happen much slower than I thought when you have to  hold down a job, look after a horse, see your friends, decorate a new house and speak to your boyfriend from time to time. I am definately not complaining. I am loving it, but just have to take things a bit slower than I though. Would LOVE feedback or suggestions from all angles so just let me know.

pink pearls, brass and a little drop of heamatite (just incase)

same same, slightly different photo