Thursday, 15 July 2010

Post number one and counting.

To start, I would like to say I am a maker of jewellery. I have a lifetime of practice at jewellery making and a jewellery box full of treats for myself, but they have never been aired in the public domain. Here goes....

So the dream is to make jewellery and showcase to all and sundry who are interested. I also plan to delve into the world of blogs, design, jewels and delights. The internet holds treats and nuggets that cannot be missed and i hope to find them and present them to you in little papers boxes.

So, to business. WELCOME TO ONE AND ALL!

A few little nuggets of information for you. If I feed them to you slowly perhaps you will keep reading?

1. I work as a charity Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support. My official job title might be: Major Donor Officer, so basically I chat up the rich to give to the poor. A veritable Robin Hood in the charity steaks!  In all seriousness and for my friends in the charity sector it is alot of hard work for wonderful and amazing rewards.

2. I both live and work in the South of London, but love to spend time with friends and family all over the South of England.  I regularly dip my toes in the sea at Lymington in Hampshire as this is where my lovely boyfriend comes from and we sometimes hang out in the warmer climes of Devon and Cornwall where my longer suffering family are from.

3. I own a ginger nut horse, who lives miles away from my house.  It was a huge dream to own a horse, so I am currently living it. When driving for hours, mucking out or walking across muddy fields it can feel less dreamlike, but i love it all the same. Making jewellery is my other dream, so let's hope I have learned some lessons and take the bad with the good. Also I'm well aware that not everyone is a lover of the horse, so promise this blog won't become a "i love horses" blog. I've seen these things happen.

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