Thursday, 22 July 2010

Overheads and business plans. What?

So I had a meeting to discuss the jewellery design business plans I keep in my head. Apparently its not advisable to have no business plan and to rely on a love of pretty things and a bucket of beads. This is one of the major problems from taking something from a hobby to a business.

Said meeting was hosted at a Streatham Pizza Restaurant with my Aunt who owns a lovely jewellery shop in Chiswick. Check it out.

Marmelade jewellery specialise in diamond engagement rings, which is clearly not a road I am currently going down, but it was very interesting to get the inside scoop on the world of jewellery. She has also given me the name of some good suppliers so thats a brilliant start.

The plan now is to start creating a few collections of jewellery, buy the stones and silver needed to create the collections and start getting it out there. I've made it sound that easy! I have been puring over Marcia Lanyons website looking for semi precious stones to order. (you need to email them for a login)

I'll also be working on those commissions, getting some things out to the Saint Albans fair and working on a website of some kind. Working full time, its quite a slow road so I will entertain you with other things as well as my jewellery making antics from time to time.

First setback is that my latest delivery from my supplier has not arrived! What do you do when that happens? I guess order more?

P.S. I am away at the Secret Garden Party Festival for the next 4 days so can you water the blog plants for me? Thanks all.

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