Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Lunch break time!

Found some inspiration from work today. Being totally immune to Macmillan's green branding by now, this one stuck out for me.

It is totally "off brand" for Macmillan (boring design/marketing chat) but I think it's just lovely.

I was literally just about to say it reminds me of Rob Ryans works and I was planning to harp on about how much I like his stuff. The interesting twist in this story is it that it is actually by Rob Ryan! I have just been told the image was donated to Macmillan for our enchanted ball. My powers of deduction tell me that must have been Rob that donate it. If not I can see this post being used as evidence in a massive legal battle. Lets hope not.  

If you have no idea what I am harping on about, check out some of his amazing papercuts I have included with this post. I think I would stab myself on the hand multiple hands before creating anything like his.

And below is the original....lovely!

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