Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It's always so late!

Everyday I end up awake far too late! Everyday I plan an early night and it never happens. Who's fault it this? I certainly don't think it's mine. Someone better own up quick.

One possible issue with getting to bed on time was that it took at least two hours to make jam today. Making jam  consisted of a short car journey, some theaving of suger from other people's houses (not shops-yet), a long conversation with a friendly but nutty neighbour and a total lack of jam jars. Despite all this we have now successfully managed to make plum jam! Pictures will follow one day soonish and reports on taste will be filed shortly. One small issue is, I don't much like jam. That aside I will let you know the results.

The real news is that I managed to do some experimenting with silver and made quite a pretty little necklace. It's made of silver, with a large faceted citrine bead covered in green and slightly purple crystals. I feel that my descriptive skills need to get better!  Unfortunately the camera does not do it justice either and I burned my finger on a lightbulb in pursuit of the perfect photo. Alas the photos are average and my fingers are now burned but the jewellery is good so we're still on track. 

Just to give you an example of the lengths gone to. An insideout moving in card, two hands and a small jug just about did it. It was always going to be a hard one to photograph as the colours are quite subtle and the stones really do shine.

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