Sunday, 18 July 2010


So the first step is to get some jewellery comissioned. Oh that does sound fancy doesn't it?

So far so good. I have some good friends who are up for the challenge. Are they brave or are they stupid?
I would say, neither!!! You cheeky things! 

I am very excited to be so well supported by lovely people and to be able to make them wonderful original jewellery and if they are reading this, which they are, they will have to spread the word of Paper Box.

My friend Tilly has specifically requested a modern take on the Algerian love knot.
The one here is by Sophie Harley and featured heavily in the James Bond movie Quantam of Solace. Not a movie I would regulary watch but jewellery making does bring you to the strangest of places.

So I will be workinging on a Paper Box take on this. I'll be working hard this afternoon I think. After Sunday Lunch of course though!


  1. hello Freya, this is actually Heather and Gilly here. Dandelion is on her holiday in Grannys garden in a wooden house courtesy of the Freeman family and their (ex) chickens. We would like to commission an exclusive piece for our mothers birthday in september.
    OK? Let us know how much for a necklace and please feel free to suggest an appropriate design.

    Thank you.

  2. well Dandelion Rabette aka Heather and Gilly, I'm sure I can create something lovely for her.
    Lets talk designs. xx