Friday, 30 July 2010

As I'm going away.

I thought I would introduce you to someone else of interest whilst I am away. Just to tide you over! I have been keeping an eye on Jane Foster Designs for a while now and am quite a fan.
There are lots of pretty things to keep you busy. She produces lovely screenprints and makes stuff from vintage fabric. There is probably a better word than 'stuff' isn't there?

You get the picture....looky look and thoust will see.

Brass charms and off to France

I was hoping to bring a computer to French France and update the blog, but alas Tom tells me they do not have the internet there. Or at least our dongle thingy bob won't work there. I think France does have the internet? Can anyone confirm this?

Anyway I leave you with a terracotta pot and a last creation before I get on the ferry with three smelly boys and have to spend a week sleeping on the floor. My spine is made of sticks and straw so I can guarantee I will probably be suffering on my return.

While I'm here I also wanted to confess my guilt at not getting my commissions finished. Hopefully a weeks holiday will sort this horrible problem out.

Brass long necklace with jasper and charms.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

So much work to do, so little time!

The problem with setting up your own business is that you need to speak to other people and the people you need to speak to go on holiday! Well don't they know I need to speak to them?

Got some a few jewels for you today. Don't gobble them up too quickly....

Brass necklace made with shell charms, pearls and a lovely bit of Jasper. Smashing stuff.  

Tuesday, 27 July 2010



Just a quick one to saw I have returned from the Secret Garden Party.
Brilliant times were had, but I have to admit I am not feeling my usual self.
Busy busy weeks ahead - but exciting ones!

Of to France on Saturday with documents for a business plan, thoughts on a business loan and my pea brain to work it all out. Please wish me luck or tell me what to do.......

And so I leave you with some recent inspiration. While perusing the stalls at the secret garden party drinking my cider I was introduced to the lovely Elphinstone Feather. Apparently to be found most weekends at Portobello road market. Deffo recommended.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Overheads and business plans. What?

So I had a meeting to discuss the jewellery design business plans I keep in my head. Apparently its not advisable to have no business plan and to rely on a love of pretty things and a bucket of beads. This is one of the major problems from taking something from a hobby to a business.

Said meeting was hosted at a Streatham Pizza Restaurant with my Aunt who owns a lovely jewellery shop in Chiswick. Check it out.

Marmelade jewellery specialise in diamond engagement rings, which is clearly not a road I am currently going down, but it was very interesting to get the inside scoop on the world of jewellery. She has also given me the name of some good suppliers so thats a brilliant start.

The plan now is to start creating a few collections of jewellery, buy the stones and silver needed to create the collections and start getting it out there. I've made it sound that easy! I have been puring over Marcia Lanyons website looking for semi precious stones to order. (you need to email them for a login)

I'll also be working on those commissions, getting some things out to the Saint Albans fair and working on a website of some kind. Working full time, its quite a slow road so I will entertain you with other things as well as my jewellery making antics from time to time.

First setback is that my latest delivery from my supplier has not arrived! What do you do when that happens? I guess order more?

P.S. I am away at the Secret Garden Party Festival for the next 4 days so can you water the blog plants for me? Thanks all.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Jam jam jam jam Jam jam jam

Here are the jammy results of our jamcapades. It's still Jam, which I personally think is only good for cream teas and WI Victoria Sponges but it looks good doesn't it? This particular jar went to Paul our next door neighbour. Considering we have just heard a bit of a crash upstairs I am wondering whether to pop up and see if he is lying in a pool of plum jam and glass. That would be tricky to clear up.......I'll check tomorrow. nighto x

Lunch break time!

Found some inspiration from work today. Being totally immune to Macmillan's green branding by now, this one stuck out for me.

It is totally "off brand" for Macmillan (boring design/marketing chat) but I think it's just lovely.

I was literally just about to say it reminds me of Rob Ryans works and I was planning to harp on about how much I like his stuff. The interesting twist in this story is it that it is actually by Rob Ryan! I have just been told the image was donated to Macmillan for our enchanted ball. My powers of deduction tell me that must have been Rob that donate it. If not I can see this post being used as evidence in a massive legal battle. Lets hope not.  

If you have no idea what I am harping on about, check out some of his amazing papercuts I have included with this post. I think I would stab myself on the hand multiple hands before creating anything like his.

And below is the original....lovely!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It's always so late!

Everyday I end up awake far too late! Everyday I plan an early night and it never happens. Who's fault it this? I certainly don't think it's mine. Someone better own up quick.

One possible issue with getting to bed on time was that it took at least two hours to make jam today. Making jam  consisted of a short car journey, some theaving of suger from other people's houses (not shops-yet), a long conversation with a friendly but nutty neighbour and a total lack of jam jars. Despite all this we have now successfully managed to make plum jam! Pictures will follow one day soonish and reports on taste will be filed shortly. One small issue is, I don't much like jam. That aside I will let you know the results.

The real news is that I managed to do some experimenting with silver and made quite a pretty little necklace. It's made of silver, with a large faceted citrine bead covered in green and slightly purple crystals. I feel that my descriptive skills need to get better!  Unfortunately the camera does not do it justice either and I burned my finger on a lightbulb in pursuit of the perfect photo. Alas the photos are average and my fingers are now burned but the jewellery is good so we're still on track. 

Just to give you an example of the lengths gone to. An insideout moving in card, two hands and a small jug just about did it. It was always going to be a hard one to photograph as the colours are quite subtle and the stones really do shine.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Off piste plum jam

So the Algerian love knot was not created yesterday (Sorry Tilly). There was sun, there were cups of tea, there was a picnic involving a selection of cheeses. To top it all off our plum tree very cleverly managed to produce and ripen a squillion tasty little plums which we spent the rest of the afternoon  picking and eating. Yum.

Have a look at these little monkeys!

Does anyone know how to make plum jam?


All is not lost, I did actually manage to rustle up some more flamingo jewellery while gorging myself on plums. 
Photo isn't great (I'm wishing hard for a better camera!)

Sunday, 18 July 2010


So the first step is to get some jewellery comissioned. Oh that does sound fancy doesn't it?

So far so good. I have some good friends who are up for the challenge. Are they brave or are they stupid?
I would say, neither!!! You cheeky things! 

I am very excited to be so well supported by lovely people and to be able to make them wonderful original jewellery and if they are reading this, which they are, they will have to spread the word of Paper Box.

My friend Tilly has specifically requested a modern take on the Algerian love knot.
The one here is by Sophie Harley and featured heavily in the James Bond movie Quantam of Solace. Not a movie I would regulary watch but jewellery making does bring you to the strangest of places.

So I will be workinging on a Paper Box take on this. I'll be working hard this afternoon I think. After Sunday Lunch of course though!

Friday, 16 July 2010

A taster for you

I am currently making up a flamingo range to be sold at Saint Albans Market in August. Here we have brass chain linked with pink pearls, one large bone bead and of course flamingos.
Once they are designed and tweaked you will have them for your viewing pleasure. The plan is to get them up on Etsy too.

Pauly Parrot D, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric

Pauly Parrot D, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric

I have just bought half a meter of this gorgeous Paula Parrot Fabric by Tana Lawn.
It comes in a variety of colours, but I think this one will look nice in the new house.
Now I just need to find a sewing machine and learn to make a cushion!
I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

I wonder if it the offcuts could be backed and made into little brooches? Watch this space!

I realise that nothing jewellery related has appear yet, but it's been two days.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Post number one and counting.

To start, I would like to say I am a maker of jewellery. I have a lifetime of practice at jewellery making and a jewellery box full of treats for myself, but they have never been aired in the public domain. Here goes....

So the dream is to make jewellery and showcase to all and sundry who are interested. I also plan to delve into the world of blogs, design, jewels and delights. The internet holds treats and nuggets that cannot be missed and i hope to find them and present them to you in little papers boxes.

So, to business. WELCOME TO ONE AND ALL!

A few little nuggets of information for you. If I feed them to you slowly perhaps you will keep reading?

1. I work as a charity Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support. My official job title might be: Major Donor Officer, so basically I chat up the rich to give to the poor. A veritable Robin Hood in the charity steaks!  In all seriousness and for my friends in the charity sector it is alot of hard work for wonderful and amazing rewards.

2. I both live and work in the South of London, but love to spend time with friends and family all over the South of England.  I regularly dip my toes in the sea at Lymington in Hampshire as this is where my lovely boyfriend comes from and we sometimes hang out in the warmer climes of Devon and Cornwall where my longer suffering family are from.

3. I own a ginger nut horse, who lives miles away from my house.  It was a huge dream to own a horse, so I am currently living it. When driving for hours, mucking out or walking across muddy fields it can feel less dreamlike, but i love it all the same. Making jewellery is my other dream, so let's hope I have learned some lessons and take the bad with the good. Also I'm well aware that not everyone is a lover of the horse, so promise this blog won't become a "i love horses" blog. I've seen these things happen.