Sunday, 29 March 2009

About Me

So this is slightly cringeful, but  I love to read other people's "about mes" though so I feel I should provide my own.

I am a Devon born Londoner who enjoys and tries to focus on the small things. I work as a Major Gifts Fundraiser for a large charity which I love, but I often left the office feeling like I had spent the day in a washing machine. I would either have to drink half a bottle of wine or go to bed to make it go away! Little Paper Box was born of this feeling. I have always loved art and have made jewellery since I was tiny and so slowly but surely I am making steps towards becoming creatively successful or perhap successfully creative? Either are my top 5 facts.

1) I am the proud owner of one massive orange tangoed horse called Coolcullen Colleen. We spend summers jumping fences, going to horse shows, galloping through fields and having a hole lof of fun. We spend winters knee deep in the mud, pitch black and cold!

2) I am massively excited by the seasons, specifically in England. The freezing winters, the brilliant blue winter sky, snowdrops, daffodils, the wildlife, the long and short evenings......All of it. I plan to try and really knit this into the jewellery and hopefully some of the drawings I will be doing here.

3) I hate tuna fish. Alive I think they are pretty cool, dead they taste awful.

4) I dream about living in the middle of nowhere and growing sweet peas, but I secretly worry that I would feel lonely. Living in London all these years does that to you.

5) My boyfriend is building a path all the way round the UK single handedly! Ok, so that's not true. He has got people to help him ;)